ISU Extension Babysitting Clinic a Success
February 21, 2020


On Saturday, Feb. 15th, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach in Palo Alto County along with help from the Palo Alto County Hospital offered a Babysitting Clinic for all youth in the county ages 10 and up.

A total of 29 youth completed the course. All youth in attendance received a folder of take-home materials and a first aid kit. Sessions included CPR for Adults, Infants, and Toddlers and Basic First Aid taught by Jesse Radebaugh of Ruthven Babysitting Basics & Responsibilities, Basic Care, and Safe Play.

Participants had fun with the many hands-on activities which included practicing CPR on adult and infant manikins; holding, diapering, and dressing dolls; making bottles of formula and cutting up food in small pieces; and even making slime.

A special thanks to the Palo Alto County Hospital for providing an instructor and manikins for the CPR/Basic First Aid session.

Participants who were trained included Myah Burns, Gabby Buscher, Natalie Cadwell, Paige Clabaugh, Laelah Crawmer, Taryn Duus, Rory Elbert, Riley Elbert, Grace Gellerman, Tyler Hansen, Kamryn Hough, Josephine Joyce, Kenna Kajewski, Kaitlyn Kemna, Kinsley Moeller, Olivia Moen, Trevin Montag, Ali Muzik, Scarlett Olson, Jacob Radebaugh, Lauren Rouse, Shelby Schneider, Layna Schupbach, Alana Soenen, Josie Van Wyhe, Lillian Vanderhoff, Myah Wise, Page Witta, and Lily Swift.

For more information about this program and other ISU Extension programs, contact 712-852-2865.


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