E-Hawks Lose at Gehlen Catholic
July 11, 2019


by Josh J. Zigrang

The Emmetsburg baseball team fell to an overall record of 9-14 after being defeated by the Gehlen Catholic Jays on Wednesday, July 3 at Granville.

The seven inning matchup left the final score of 6-12 where the Jays were able to score their 12 points in the first five innings.

The E-Hawks had four pitchers take the mound in the game, but had difficulties scoring when they did get on base.

Senior Connor Joyce started the bats for the E-Hawks and was able to score three runs against the Jays after earning one hit and two walks in the stat book.

Second batter, sophomore Cole Keller, went to bat four times for the Emmetsburg team and was successful in getting on base twice and scored once.

Sophomore Lex Kassel went to bat three times and was successful in getting the E-Hawks two RBIs.

On the pitching side of the game, Kassel was assisted by sophomore Ben Dunlap, senior Corbin Saathoff, and sophomore Cole Keller.

Kassel pitched a total of 45 pitches during his 1 1/3 innings pitched and gave the Jays two total hits and three walks.

Dunlap threw for 25 in his 1 2/3 innings pitched and only gave away one walk during his rotation.

Saathoff threw 64 times in the 1 2/3 IP where six runs were earned for the Jays off of four hits and five walks.

The closer, Keller, pitched the final 1 1/3 innings throwing 34 total pitches.

Keller ended the evening with one hit, one run, three walks and two strikeouts.


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