The Tractor That Changed Farming
February 8, 2019


by Anesa McGregor

Miniature craftsman Joe Joyce of Emmetsburg has created another masterpiece to add to his creation of miniature buildings, which are replicas of turn of the century objects once located in the surrounding area in Palo Alto County.

Joyce's latest miniature is a model of the first successful gasoline-powered engine that could be driven backwards and forwards.

Created in 1892 by John Froelich in a tiny village in northeast Iowa, the gasoline powered motor changed the way farming had been accomplished in the United States forever.

Froelich had been taking a crew of men to Langford, SD. to thresh the wheat. At the time, steam-powered engines where used and could create many problems. The machines were heavy and bulky, hard to maneuver and there was always the threat of fire.

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