Twin Lakes Conference Releases Sportsmanship Ratings
August 3, 2018


by Dan Voigt

At the conclusion of each athletic season, the Twin Lakes Conference collects sportsmanship ratings from officials who officiate the various contests. Those ratings cover the sportsmanship displayed by the players, coaches and fans of each respective school in the Twin Lakes Conference.

The Twin Lakes released the 2018 Softball and Baseball Sportsmanship ratings, and Emmetsburg's Lady E-Hawk softball team tied for first place in Sportsmanship. The E-Hawk Baseball team placed seventh in the Sportsmanship rankings for baseball.

A perfect rating is 1.00 and the three ratings for each school in a game are averaged together to determine an overall rating. Additionally, for a school to recieve a rating, 70 percent of ballots issued must be returned to give a true rating.

In the balloting, Emmetsburg tied with South Central Calhoun and Alta-Aurelia for the first place honors, with perfect 1.00 scores for players, coaches and fans, Emmetsburg had 86.4 percent of ballots returned.

Twin Lakes Conference Softball Sportmanship Rankings

Team Players Coaches Fans Average Returned

SC Calhoun1.

Alta-Aurelia1. 86.4%

Emmetsburg1. 86.4%

West Bend-Mallard1.

Newell-Fonda1. 90.9%

Sioux Central 81.8%

Sooutheast Valley1.001.331.001.110 81.8%

Manson NWW1.001.001.391.130 81.8%

Pocahontas Area1.001.601.051.217 90.9%

*East Sac County1. 63.6%

*St. Mary's 54.5%

*GT/RA1.171.351.421.307 54.5%

* Not enough ballots to be eligible - 70% of ballots must be returned by the game umpires

Twin Lakes Conference Baseball Sportmanship Rankings

Team Players Coaches Students Adults Average


East Sac County1.


Southeast Valley1.


St. Mary's1.


Sioux Central1.161.311.131.161.190


Pocahontas Area1.271.401.131.401.500

West Bend-Mallard1.441.601.391.441.443

Manson NWW1.501.501.311.751.515


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