Open Class Competition At The County Fair
July 10, 2018


The Palo Alto County Fair will be offering open class competition at the 2018 fair, July 19-22, in photography, food and garden. There will be two division in each area consisting of youth age 17 and under and adult.

Exhibitors will be allowed up to 6 entries in photography and 8 entries in each food and garden. Premiums will be paid to entries in all classes except the photography challenge classes.

Photography will include both color and black & white photos in classes of: people, scenic, building/architecture, nature, and animals. There will also be two challenge classes Beautiful Iowa "Bountiful Harvest" and Conservation "Windbreaks for Wildlife".

The top three photos in each challenge class, youth and adult, will receive cash prize of $50 for first, $25 for second and $10 for third place.

The Conservation class is sponsored by Palo Alto County Soil & Water Conservation District and the Beautiful Iowa class is sponsored by Farmer's Mutual Insurance.

Food classes will include baked goods in the classes of yeast breads, quick breads, cookies and cakes.

Garden classes will include vegetables, flowers and pails of posies.

The RED STAR Yeast Competition is returning to the fair. Open class food entries containing RED STAR Yeast are eligible for this competition. Entries must have the empty RED STAR Yeast packet attached to the entry or a photo of the entrant using RED STAR Yeast in a jar. Entry tags will be marked with a red star. RED STAR Yeast will provide first, second and third place merchandise prizes. All eligible yeast products will be judged together for this special award.

Full list of rules, classes and entry information is posted on

For additional information contact photography superintendent Clyde Johnson at 515-320-0669 or clyde; food/garden superintendent Devona Perkins at 712-490-6611 or manager@paloalto


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